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The Hollywood Acting Master Class-Nairobi is a course for students, actors, models and anyone who has ever wondered if TV & Film was for them. It is designed to teach you what to do an how to do it. Our goal is to teach you how to handle yourself in any circumstance.

About Lorella Jowi

Ms. Jowi is a certified teacher of the Hollywood Acting Master Class (HAMC) in Nairobi, having learnt its method after years of training from her mentor Mr. D. David Morin.
From her years with Mr. Morin at the Master Class and Slingshot Talent, Ms. Jowi has developed a keen eye for talent, which has made her an up-and-coming casting director in Africa.



HAMC offers inspiring acting and directing training for young people in Nairobi, Kenya. Directed by Lorella Jowi a well trained teacher and up and coming Director in Africa HAMC curriculum helps students to free creativity, acquire a process and expand as artists.
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